Short Bio: 

Nina Marana started her dream of writing a cookbook when she was just seven years old. It all began watching her mother and two Grandmothers cooking in the kitchen. She learned to experiment in the kitchen by cooking for her three siblings with just a few ingredients while her parents were at work. Just two years ago she started her blog Ask Ms Recipe which evolved into writing her first book Ask Ms Recipe: Simple Recipes that Make Cents.

Long Bio

At the age of 9, I learned to create meal from little of nothing. Being the eldest of four, I had to care for my siblings and feed them too. I learned quickly to stretch ingredients to make meals. Little did I know that it would follow me through out my life. I’ve continued making meals from little of nothing. Its taught me to experiment while cooking and I’ve learn to create some great dishes.

Along the way I've shared my dishes with others and they’ve been thrilled. Every holiday everyone begs me to make my Grandma Virginia’s homemade chicken and noodles, because no one can create them, but me. As a child I use to sit and watch her cook her many recipes from scratch. She was an old fashion cook who loved to cook. Now I’m going to share my recipes with you and I will answer any questions you have about food. I’ve been known to be out of one ingredient and use something else and it turns out better then it would have been with original ingredient.

I watched my Grandmother Hazel make her cabbage rolls as a young child. It was surprising how many of the cabbage rolls she could make in such a short time.

I have a teenage daughter  and have been in a relationship for over 10 years.